Sunday, July 11, 2010

A tasty summer meal

Ryan and I are always up for finding new things to eat for dinner especially in the summer when we can utilize the grill. We decided that some fish on the grill sounded really good and started our adventure at the farmer's market. After reading a recipe in Rachael Ray magazine for some grilled asparagus we decided on grilled cod sandwiches with grilled asparagus for dinner. There were very tasty! Here's what we did:

2 lbs of fresh cod fillets
Fresh rolls (we used basil focaccia rolls we found at the farmer's market)
Tartar sauce
Fish seasoning
Grilled red pepper
Fresh onions and lettuce

We seasoned the cod and just grilled it until it was done
We also grilled the red pepper so it was soft and had a smoky taste
Slice the rolls and put the tartar sauce, pepper, onions and lettuce on it with the fish.

For the asparagus we just cleaned it and rubbed it with olive oil before putting it on the grill. While Ryan was grilling it, I made some changes to this Rachael Ray recipe:

Asparagus with Parsley and Orange Butter

chopped parsley
chopped chives
1 whole stick of almost melted butter
Orange marmalade (the recipe called for grated orange peel but I thought the marmalade would give it more orange flavor)
Lemon juice

Mix all the ingredients in with the butter
Put the grilled asparagus in and mix together

The grilled asparagus will melt the butter more and make more of a clear liquid sauce.

This was a great recipe, I could have used a little more marmalade (I only used a spoonful) but all in all what a tasty summer meal.

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