Sunday, March 11, 2012

Egg Rolls

I LOVE Egg Rolls and now that I found egg roll wrappers I plan to be making them a whole lot more. I went for a veggie take on them for the first attempt, which turned out to be delicious, next time I'm going to try them with some pork sausage. I used broccoli slaw which you can find in the produce section of the grocery store and a can of bean sprouts, you can also buy fresh sprouts too. The egg roll wrappers are in the produce section of any grocery store near the soy meat products and fresh sprouts etc.

I marinated the broccoli slaw and bean sprouts in some hoisin sauce, soy sauce and ginger for about a half hour. The egg roll wrappers are really easy to
use, place them diagonal on a cutting board, fill the middle with a couple teaspoons of your filling. Fold the bottom corner in over the filling and roll snug. Then tuck the sides in around the roll of filling. Use some water to wet the other end of the egg roll wrapper and roll up tight. Place them on a plate until you heat your oil in a skillet. I used vegetable oil and heated it for about 15-20 minutes before putting in the pan.

Once the oil is heated put the egg rolls in the pan and cook them until crisp turning a few times.

These were quite tasty... I can't wait to m
ake them again. I've got a few wrappers left and may try dessert egg rolls later this week with apples and cream cheese, I'll let you know how they turn out.

Since the wrappers were 2 for $4 I also bought wonton wrappers and plan to make those next weekend!